March 8th.

Excercises in butting our drawings together, joining and merging.  photo P1010793_zps2c048995.jpg  photo P1010776_zpsaf621a51.jpg  photo P1010768_zpse3f50dcf.jpg  photo P1010766_zpsbffa4d06.jpg  photo P1010786_zps56756828.jpg  photo P1010773_zps7df5a6c0.jpg  photo P1010806_zps515dcf2e.jpg  photo P1010796_zps464ce008.jpg  photo P1010799_zpsb950549e.jpg

Saturday February 8th

Working on book covers.
 photo P1050030_zps1fa22f66.jpg photo P1050054_zpscd16ba38.jpg

11th January - first of 2014!

Noticing, examining and drawing  photo P1016029_zps8792380b.jpg  photo P1016024_zpsf5ef05d1.jpg  photo P1016026_zpsbc53905e.jpg  photo P1016032_zps0d701cee.jpg  photo P1016052_zpse2bb6e23.jpg  photo P1016054_zps901c753e.jpg  photo P1016043_zps4d36af30.jpg  photo P1016031_zps1cfa8519.jpg  photo P1016057_zpsf8fac345.jpg photo P1016044_zps39d52dac.jpgAnd a mighty fine lunch. photo P1016070_zpsfab72a5c.jpgMore details for upcoming sessions - click here.

December Session.

A series of activities, including drawing a dog and some serious face-pulling. photo P1015675_zps384060e2.jpg  photo P1015676_zps5ed2f400.jpg  photo P1015678_zpsce98ced5.jpg  photo P1015677_zpsa2d281ab.jpg  photo P1015670_zpseeb3b41b.jpg  photo P1015685_zpsfcd51c7f.jpg  photo P1015686_zps53a5f233.jpg  photo P1015693_zps32ddb1c4.jpg  photo P1015683_zpsc8665cf9.jpg

Paste paper

Last time we made paste paper.
Brian brought apples and grapes from his garden.  photo P9214680_zps9f6f4e4a.jpg  photo P9214683_zps45220861.jpg  photo P9214684_zpsd1ac49b7.jpg  photo P9214686_zpse4d40b56.jpg  photo P9214688_zps9da54b6a.jpg And to finish we made a psychedelic mess.  photo P9214698_zps41a58793.jpg